September 9 – Life Asset (ONP #252)

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I wouldn’t really recommend Life Asset as a tourist destination; in fact, it is not. But it worked out great as a volunteer headquarters for our neighborhood’s annual “Adams Morgan Day” festival today  And since I was kind of tied to the neighborhood as a volunteer, it worked out well as a New Place.

I kept thinking, as I walked up and down the streets of my ‘hood in the rain, that surely there was another place on this strip that I hadn’t been in yet, that I could use as my New Place. But I guess after 13 years living here, and 251 days of New Places, I’ve about used most of them up.  No matter, I did a pretty thorough exploration of Life Asset, restroom and all! And it does have a pretty great mission, so I’m happy to give it a shout out.


And you know, for as much as I love New Places and exploring, I really do love my neighborhood and am so proud of it. So here’s to old places today, too, and good old Adams Morgan.