September 6 – Memorial Lake State Park (ONP #249)

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Today, I had some especially cute fellow explorers who showed me this beautiful lake in Lebanon County, PA, that might as well have been a mirror set in the earth, reflecting the sky, the clouds and the rim of trees that surrounded it. A kayak made a few ripples far off on the other side, and the water was so clear we could laugh at the silvery fish lurking in the shade of the oak tree when they (desperate for a falling grub, poor things!) darted gullibly after the acorns my cute fellow-explorer through into the water.

One of the best surprises about this One New Place project is how my family and friends are getting into it—joining me on my adventures, and offering to introduce me to new places. Today’s New Place was brought to me by my niece. Again, it was a simple matter of turning right on the road, instead of the usual left, as I usually do when I visit her place.


And it somehow made the place seem double-wonder-full to have somebody else (especially young somebodies) noticing things too. Acorns–Oh boy! Fish–Oh boy!  Sticks–oh boy!  (Well, that last one was the dog….)


2 Responses

  1. Melanie Ann Figg

    Terrific! I love that your project is pulling in family and offering another way to connect with them. Also, kids and dogs are naturals at that!

    • suzannez

      Thanks for following, Melanie! We have to do a New Place together sometime too!