September 20 – Flagship Car Wash (ONP #263)

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I haven’t been to a car wash in decades. This one, on Connecticut Avenue NW, appealed because of the art deco styling and the shiny metal façade that reminded me as much of a diner (serving milkshakes and good times!) as a carwash.

Good times were had indeed. After turning over the car to the attendants, I was ushered into a long, skinny “viewing gallery” where I could observe my car proceed through the technological wonders of the carwash via a progression of steamy windows.

Ol’ Blackie was frothed and buzzed and brushed and polished by long rubber ribbons, red and white spinning brushes, flashing fluorescent lights and finally ended up in a drying chamber with tubes so huge school-age children could easily be sucked through them. Mesmerizing.

At the end of the long thin hall for me was the unavoidable cashier, a few avoidable snacks, and then both the car and I were released out into the back alley, which was also a new place for me, and quite a nice one, as the car wash shared a large back lot with a bakery where someone obviously loves flowers and does a good job tending them.

I don’t think I can handle this much excitement every day. I’ve even included a video because still photos alone do not  capture the buzz…