September 19 – Venable Place NW (ONP #263)

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Driving towards Takoma Park on one of the main streets I know well, I decided to turn left onto a street I didn’t recognize and see what happened.

This sweet little dead-end street happened!  Lined on either side with neat bungalows, and sporting clump of bright sunflowers and a picket fence or two, Venable Place NW seems like a quiet little corner of DC right behind busy Georgia Avenue.

But the coolest part? It dead ends into a old stone wall, which seemed curious and interesting at first, but which, I realized as I approached it, is actually the back wall of the Battleground National Cemetery, the Civil War cemetery I discovered on April 16th. So cool to discover this historical site from another angle after I didn’t even know it existed before this project. 

Yup, everything’s all coming together now. . .