September 17 – Big Planet Comics (ONP #260)

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Rainy day here in DC (again!). But I forced myself out, and rode the 90 bus down to this little comic book store on U Street that I’ve had my eye on. It always looks so cheerful, in its Superman blue and yellow row-house super-suit.

Big Planet Comics was on my list to explore today even before I talked to my friend R.  R called earlier in the afternoon and, as part of our rambling conversation, happened to mention a ” Casper the Friendly Ghost” episode with nasty, walking Tree People that had terrified him as a child. To prove his point, R researched and found the episode online and sent me the YouTube link. I had not thought about Casper the Friendly Ghost in decades.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I walked into Big Planet Comics and was greeted by none other than Casper the Friendly Ghost, front and center on a metal revolving rack of old comic books! A couple other friends from my past were there too: Pink Panther, Archie, Scooby Doo, even Rugrats and Spongebob Squarepants. Turns out, the attendant told me, they are making new comics with these old friends.

Big Planet was a great, welcoming place for a newbie like me to explore “new friends” too. It has a cozy two-room layout, with top-to bottom book shelves lining every wall.Although I can get really intimidated by comic book stores, as I have no idea what to look for or at, helpful signs like “Staff Favorites” and New Arrivals” gave me a starting point, and many of the selections were arranged face up, new issues on top, so I could scan the covers easily and pick up intriguing titles–like The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!!  Hell yeah!! The attendant was super helpful as well.

So between the coincidence (or was it destiny?) with Casper, the reunion with old friends and the fun of exploring new titles, the whole excursion picked up my mood, and, as is a frequent refrain on this blog “I am glad I went.”

And yes, my friend R is now the proud owner of a Casper the Friendly Ghost comic book!