September 14 – Brookland Art Walk (ONP #257)

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Boy, did I need to visit a New Place today! I woke up with only a few hours of sleep, so frustrated and worn out from trying to troubleshoot some of the technical aspects of this website and overwhelmed by a stressful and overlong to-do list. I knew I needed a whole fresh perspective.

So, instead of going out for our usual neighborhood walk (or instead of sitting down and hammering out one more email to the support people, aka “happiness engineers,” which is what I really wanted to do–tell them a thing or two!), I packed L into “Blackie” and drove to a different neighborhood (Brookland).

What a difference a change in scenery made!  Once we got out, started walking around, discovered this ArtWalk and, beyond that, the entrance to the Brookline metro, which is another New Place for me, our moods were totally transformed. I say “our” because not only me, but L could also sense it and started romping around.

It was such a simple but profound thing, how this New Place worked its magic. It wasn’t so much about the place itself—it was more just the fun of exploring, walking a block, seeing something new, walking around the corner, being surprised by something else, etc. I love how exploring takes me out of my head and just focuses me on the here and now, reminding me the world is bigger than the problems in my head.