September 10 – Dacha Beer Garden (ONP #253)

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This might be the first in a beer garden (or more Germanically correct, “Biergarten”) mini-series here at One New Place. All in the service of a higher good: I’m researching venues for a German literature event. I suffer so for the arts!

Dacha is a congenial place that seems to place equal emphasis on both aspects of its calling: Beer and Garden. There were trees and abundant potted plants, and bright blue walls festooned with hanging blooms. A beautiful crepe mortal framed the entrance under the watchful eyes of a giant Elizabeth Taylor mural–and all of this alfresco under the protecting roof of a tent. The beer list wasn’t bad either!  Dacha also got highpoint from our CPO for being dog friendly. Too bad it isn’t a little closer to our neighborhood, or we could be regulars.

It’s nice to have today’s New Place do double duty. I never realized, until I started this project, how much I must go out of the way of my routine on most days to see a New Place. So I am glad to have a little exploring built into my real job for next couple of weeks.