Sept 5 – Folino’s Estate (ONP #248)

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Apparently Pennsylvania wine is a thing now!  Who knew?  About four or five wineries have popped up within driving distance of my hometown in about as many years. Tonight I visited Folino’s Estate, which appealed because it also had a nice restaurant for a “farewell Pennsylvania dinner.”

Built in the style of an Italian stone villa, Folino’s is a shiny new New Place—not only to me, but to the area itself. Time hasn’t had a chance to work its charms yet, so the building seems a little self-consciously plopped on the hillside, still not quite blended into it—its stones glossy and unworn, its decor self-consciously arranged, with a bicycle nobody has ridden leaned against one of the walls. Kind of like a new kid who comes to school overdressed, it hasn’t yet relaxed, or earned the history to relax, into the worn charm of the 200-year old Pennsylvania German bank barns and fieldstone houses that otherwise pepper these Berks county hills.

But that will all change, most likely. People will come and sit on the large patio and see the sunset behind the vineyards, as we did. In another 100 or 200 years, someone will visit this “historic” winery, which will probably be totally broken in by then, the stone patio worn with many visitors.