Sep 7 – MedStar Washington Hospital Center (ONP #250)

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I’m fine, no worries! Just needed to report here for a doctor’s appointment today.

I’ve been on the MedStar Campus before (at the Rehab Hospital and the Physician’s Building) and thought I knew my way around, but apparently, I don’t.  The good news is that my appointment was in a whole new (to me) building—the main hospital. The bad news is that I got lost finding it and was late.  First I went into the wrong building, and then, once in the right building, I had to walk a labyrinth, and follow sporadically-appearing signs for “Elevator A.”  I finally got there.

Afterwards, with more time to dawdle and explore, I discovered that these are uncommon and perhaps suspicious behaviors in hospitals. I was asked at least half a dozen times if people could help me, and where I was looking to go.

Anyway, here are some places I discovered other than long white medical hallways: a water lily garden, a rooftop patio with painted panda, a chapel with stained glass windows. Here are places I did not discover: the Panera Bread cafe 🙁

So at least I know my way around this medical campus a little better now, but I suspect it contains a year’s worth of new places all by itself.. . .