Hi, I’m Suzanne, CEO (Chief Exploring Officer) here at One New Place. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, went away to school, then another school, then another, ending up far from home with a few degrees in History, English, and Creative Writing under my belt

When I was in 3rd grade, I filled in one of those “About Me” forms that, among other things, prompted me to fill in the blank, “When I grow up I want to be _______.” In the blank, I wrote, “An explorer.” Throughout my life, I fulfilled that desire, living in foreign lands, traveling from place to place, crossing borders like a chucked dice. I loved going to new places, seeing new things, meeting new people, and learning new ways to live and speak.

Everything changed for me one day in 2015 when I had a bad accident that laid me up for over a year and left me with some physical limitations and considerable financial ones as well. But what didn’t change was my desire to explore. This blog is my way to keep that part of me alive, to see One New Place every day, to keep making my world bigger and feeding my imagination with new possibilities, just like my more exotic travel used to do.



Hola, I’m Lola, Chief Photo Bomber (CPB) here at One New Place. I’m that little brown scamp you see sneaking into the blog pictures. I’m an explorer and world traveler too! My mom found me in Costa Rica where I was living as a street dog at a bus station. She took me in as a foster dog to help keep poisonous snakes away from her house in the jungle, but I didn’t do so well at that. Instead, I excelled at making her fall in love with me (I’m a very good and sweet girl!). Next thing you know, I am on a plane to a place called the YOU-NITED STATES and WASHINGTON DEEE-CEEE where I now live with my mom. I love going to new places and exploring, especially if it means I get to ride in “Blackie” (the car)!