October 27 – Halcyon Arts Lab (ONP #300)

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Does virtual reality count as a New Place?  If so, I went to some pretty far out places today…. At one point I was wandering around in a basement with stone walls and floors, coils of yellow hoses…and no doors!  

At another point I was in a large open space like an airplane hanger with three people in black and pink unitards standing slightly over my head gesticulating and talking to me…Earnestly?  Imploringly?  Reprovingly? Naggingly?

What do you want from me, pink and black people, I wanted to say, but their mouths moved and moved and no words came out. I am not sure what that was all about but in the end I lost patience. I mean, I have enough voices yammering on and on in my head about using less plastic, eating less sugar, saving the whales and the people in Yemen and etc. This is supposed to be VIRTUAL reality people. Couldn’t I get something with butterflies and unicorns please?

Seriously, it really was a pretty cool exhibit, and I am very glad to know about Halcyon Arts Lab, which hosted it for free. Halcyon is an artist studio space in an old converted red brick schoolhouse in the Glover Park neighborhood. It’s  a little hard to find–set deep off the road in a fenced lot, but totally worth it.

On days when they aren’t inserting people into dystopian fantasies, they offer plenty of other exhibits and open studios, etc.  Totally worth signing up for their calendar and keeping an eye on what goes on here!


Oh, and with this post I hit 300 New Places!  Only 65 days/places to go!!!!!