October 24 – Takoma Community & Aquatic Center (ONP # 297)

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I haven’t gotten used to the shortening days yet, so the dark caught me by surprise tonight. I apologize in advance for these dark, shadowy pictures. ONP goes noir!

Under the dark of night, I still managed to discover a pretty cool place that I never knew existed before–this community center and indoor pool in the Takoma Park neighborhood of DC.  How could I never have known about this before?  Really, all the things I don’t know would boggle my mind, except that I don’t know what they are. . .

Seriously, this handsome brick rec center looks like a really great place, at least from the outside. The building was closed early because of a broken heater, so I couldn’t explore the the pool and workout room (except for taking a surreptitious photo through the blinds, adding to the noir mood).

However I did enjoy wandering around the outside spaces: tennis courts, illuminated baseball field (named after Bryce Harper!), basketball courts, and a large, expansive lawn and green space.

I always get especially nostalgic about baseball fields when I discover them because 1) Baseball and 2) It was a baseball field that kicked off this ONP project

This place definitely deserves a repeat visit in the light, and an exploration of the inside. I think this could become a favorite old place very quickly!