October 21 – Fort Totten (ONP #294)

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I finally found Fort Totten!  Not the metro station, which is easy to find, but the actual location of the old Civil War fort in Northeast DC, which has been preserved as a park by the National Park Service. The last time I went looking for Fort Totten, my GPS took me to a cement factory. (July 18 ONP) That’s right. Cement. Who the heck even knew that there was a cement factory in Washington, DC.

Anyway, today with the help of a good ol’ fashioned map, I defied that uppity little Siri with her snippety little instructions to “do a U turn” and “proceed to route.” And voila! I found the fort (and a couple of new streets in NE DC to boot!)

Fort Totten was an earthworks fort, one of the 19 that circled Washington to protect it during the Civil War. I really liked Fort Totten because the earthworks are well preserved and you can get a great look at the embankments if you hike the trail up over the meadow and into the woods. Like all these forts, built on an elevated spot, the park also sports some fantastic views of the city.

With Fort Totten, I have now officially visited 7 of the 19 Civil War Defenses of Washington DC so far during this One-New-Place-a-Day year.

Only 12 more to go! Gosh. But only 71 more days of 2018 to see them in. I better step up my game! Or carry this project into 2019…