October 17 – Gresham Place NW (ONP #290)

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After a three-hour meeting (in German) and a medical appointment today, neither of them in New Places, I was almost too tired to move by the time I got home around 4 p.m.. But I had to eat, I had to find a New Place, and I had to walk Lola. So I hatched a plan to kill three birds with one stone, packed us all into the car and drove over to Sherman Avenue to this little Vietnamese place I had heard about (Bun DC) for takeout. While I was waiting for my food and walking Lola I discovered Gresham Place NW, a side street I had never been on before.

The evening sun was hitting it just perfectly, casting a golden light on the row houses, and the October sky was that deep shade of blue that it can be sometimes.

Never mind that it must have been garbage day, and all the trash bins were lined up on the street. It was so nice and refreshing to be outside that I decided to make this little street my official New Place today instead of Bun DC (although I’m tossing in a few token pictures of the restaurant, just to appease the foodies!)

Tough week, one long day done, another one tomorrow. If I can keep the ONP going through this week, I think I can make it to the end. . .