October 13 – Rock Creek Park Trail (ONP # 284)

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Here we go on a-hiking on a beautiful fall Saturday, checking out a new (nameless) trail in Rock Creek Park–this one tucked behind Mt. Pleasant neighborhood with a sweet little lending library at the trail’s head.

Honestly, while we had a pleasant enough outing, this trail doesn’t really qualify for my list of favorite Rock Creek Park trails so far. It lacked nice views; the loop was kind of short. But I had been curious about it, having seen a few people and dogs disappearing into it when I passed by on the road. So now I know what is in them thar’ woods!

The best part was getting ice cream at Mt Desert Ice Cream in Mt. Pleasant (August 12 ONP) afterward!  I love when my New Places become my old favorite places!

I’m making this short, since I am almost a month behind on posting all my fab New Places, and want to catch up.  Stay tuned for more. . . we’re closing in on the home stretch here at ONP 2018!