Oct 14 – Sikh Gudwara, Islamic Center, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Buddhist Center (ONP # 285)

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Wow!  Four New Places today (actually more, but I am only counting four).  And I want to count all four (as opposed to picking just one) because they were all so fascinating.

Today’s New Place(s) was(were) brought to us by my friend B, who invited me to attend the 2018 Unity Walk, an annual event here in DC that brings people together to explore, enjoy and get to know the different faith communities in the city.  As a testimony to this city’s amazing diversity, all of these places (and more–I didn’t do the complete walk) are located along a 1.5-mile stretch of Massachusetts Avenue.

I started at the Sikh Gudwara temple (where they fed us yummy vegetarian food, sang us their prayers, and explained their practices),


Then proceeded to the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church (FANCY!)










After that, the Buddhist Center seemed pretty subtle by comparison


And finally, the Islamic Center, which is like being transported to another world.