June 29 – Claymont Society (ONP #179)

June 29 – Claymont Society (ONP #179)

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Not your average barn!

Today I took my first proper overnight trip in over a year, my first since starting this blog. So why did I travel two hours to see a barn?!

Well, it’s a retreat center, renovated and air conditioned, with simple dorm rooms, a camp-style kitchen serving vegan meals (whose main charm is that somebody else cooks them), a large, lofted meeting room, and a funky octagon building. I’m here for two nights. Two silent nights.

The other cool thing is that I traveled a bunch of new roads to get here, and also logged in to a whole new state since starting this blog–indeed since my accident three years ago.  So hello, West Virginia!  Tomorrow, hopefully I can explore the grounds of Claymont Society and find a few more new places.