July 27 – Westchester Sunken Garden (ONP #208)

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One of the best things about the ONP project is how my friends are getting into the spirit of it. Many are eager to come along on my explorations (I now keep a running list of destinations and the people who want to go there). Even cooler is when my friends have New Places they want to introduce me to–it’s like meeting their old friends and getting to know them better through the places that have been special to them.

Like today, my friend B surprised me by taking me (and a picnic) to this sunken garden at the Westchester apartments off Cathedral Avenue NW. Supposedly modeled on Monet’s garden, the garden is beautiful in that old-fashioned, symmetric European way, with flowers and walks on every quadrant off the central circle. I had no idea it was here and would have never found this myself.   

And it was so quiet . . . only the platter of the fountain and our conversation, set to the backdrop of an upcoming storm. As the wind picked up and the sky darkened, both B and I said how much we liked the wind, which blows in change. We spread out our arms to welcome it. Yes, more New Places, please . . .