July 26 – Stairway to International Place NW (ONP #207)

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Wow, close one!  Today’s New Place almost didn’t happen. I left it go until the end of the day, thinking I would go someplace after Physical Therapy. That place was a no-go because of traffic. So I drove home an alternate route, thinking I would find a park I had driven by last week. But I couldn’t find that either.

Almost out of ideas, I remembered my route home would take me by this mysterious stone stairway I had spotted when I explored Sedgwick Street way back on February 20. Beautifully designed with paving stones and a mint-green wrought-iron railing, it zig-zagged vertically up a wooded hill across Tilden Street. “Where did it lead to?” I had wondered then. “Heaven?”  Tonight was my night to find out.

92 steps later, (I counted on the way down, not the way up), I found myself on International Place NW, next to the Jordanian Embassy. The climb from Tilden Street had been pretty steep, but the designers had thoughtfully provided a landing every 10 steps, and even a stone patio halfway up with a few park benches.

Not heaven, exactly, but it was pretty cool and saved my ONP project for yet another day!