July 25 – American University Law School (ONP #206)

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Today I got into American University Law School!

It started innocently enough: I was looking for a New Place in the Tenleytown neighborhood (where I had a errand earlier in the day), came upon the Law School campus and decided to walk around. Although looking at the outside of the buildings was in and of itself interesting, the temptation to see what lay inside those buildings was too strong to resist.

So I opened the door of one building and walked into a large atrium with a cafe. Trying to blend in, I bought a cup of tea and went up a staircase, where I discovered (looking through the window of a locked door) a beautiful courtroom with stained glass windows. What a find! I took some photos through the window of the door, which wasn’t exactly a blending-in kind of activity, but there weren’t many people around, so I got away with it.

I then went to the building housing the law library, opened the door and walked gob-smack into the security guard.  “Can I help you?” he said. Figuring honesty was the best policy, I said “I’d just like to look around; is that okay?”  “Sure,” he said.  He even showed me the way to the law library, which I  explored, although he wasn’t there to show me the way out, so I got royally lost (or I thoroughly explored the entire two-building system, janitor’s closets and everything, depending on how you want to spin the event.  Fun day!