August 9 – Urban Athletic Club (ONP #221)

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I have a dream that recurs occasionally: I am in a familiar building. All of a sudden, something opens up, a door, a hallway, and I become aware of a room or rooms in the building that I never knew about before. I love this dream—it reminds me that the world is always bigger than I can imagine.

That’s what today’s One New Place kind of reminded me of. After at least half a dozen excursions into the Line Hotel, three of which counted as New Places on this blog ( Main Lobby Jan 11,  A Rake’s Progress Restaurant on March 21, and the ground floor and boiler room on March 29 ), I thought I had exhausted all the possibilities of the place. After all, once you see the boiler room, what else is left to see! 

Au contraire! Today, thanks to a posting on the neighborhood list serve, I discovered the gym in the basement of the building. It was not a particularly well-lit place. It wasn’t even a particularly well-appointed gym. But it was a New Place!  New Place Number 221!

Reminder: Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t!