August 8 – Takoma Education Campus (ONP #220)

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“Big as can be;” “Right in front of my face;” “As plain as the nose on my face” —all these and other clichés about being unobservant apply to today’s New Place, a large school right across the street from where I frequently visit a friend.

All these years, I’ve only had the vague sense that there was green or open space across the street. Of course, all these years I was never really paying attention. It’s funny how you can drive by something, or even park across the street from something (especially a big high school something), for years and never see it. 

Well, today I saw it: Explored around, taking pictures, watching the skateboarders rasp across the playing courts. And as frequently happens One New Place opens up a whole slew of other New Places–a network of streets around the school beckoned to be explored on other days. The Falcons is the mascot for this school So now I know about them. Go Falcons!