August 27 – West Park & Band Shell, Allentown, PA (ONP #239)

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I love this One New Place project!  Especially when I have no idea where to go or what to look for, and then decide just to drive in the opposite direction from the one I usually drive, and then stumble on surprises like this . . . West Park, a beautiful 19th-century semi-formal park, the oldest in Allentown, home to a gorgeous white turn-of-the-century (1908) bandshell.

Literally, this park was just around the corner (1 1/2 blocks) from a semi-regular appointment of mine, but I never knew about it until today when I decided to turn right instead of left and “go exploring.”

Along with the bandshell, the park harbors a center fountain, beautiful old trees (some of them pretty tempting to climb) and a few other memorials and statues. Enjoy the pictures! Hope you get there someday!