August 24 – Yellow Rose Farm (ONP #236)

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Got a back-fields, off-road, personal tour of Yellow Rose Farm tonight, complete with setting sun, rising (full) moon, browsing deer, and a free kitten (I turned down the kitten).

The corn was indeed as high as the elephant’s eye, and the hay, recently cut and fragrant, was just waiting to be baled. It was fun to be where no roads have gone before and explore up and down the farm’s 100-some acres, up- and down the hills, on the rutted tractor tracks. A pretty cool New Place!

Oh, and look! I found a couple of Yellow Rose farmer fellows out there surveying their day’s work. . .

2 Responses

  1. Linda Rentschler

    I like this place, and the farmer fellows!

    • suzannez

      Yes, they are very likeable! 🙂