August 23 – Lenhartsville, PA, Post Office (ONP #235)

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I just found the cutest Post Office in America! No kidding!  If it’s not absolutely the cutest, it’s in the running for the top five—I’d bet money on this one.

I’ve always thought this post office looked adorable from the outside: The porch welcomes passers-by with two “sitting” chairs, where you half expect to see Floyd and Goober-like characters settled in, watching the world go by.

But step foot in the door, and it is like no post office I have never been inside before: wood panelling, plaid curtains, plants and wreaths. There’s a real wooden desk in the corner where you can sit down and fill out whatever forms you need. It feels more like somebody’s country den than part of the USPS bureaucracy. The funnest part was that that Postmaster turned out to be somebody I went to high school with.  Small towns. . .

Today’s New Place is another place that I have driven by so many times, but never stopped. Now that I have, I am totally spoiled and don’t want to buy my stamps at any other post office.