August 1 – Petworth Library (ONP #213)

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Library Day here at ONP!  Continuing my series of renewing my library books at a different branch of the DC library each time they come due. . . .

Now, I hate to play favorites—but this adorable Petworth library may be my favorite so far: the red brick building with white cupola, dark wooden window frames rising almost floor to ceiling, window benches (perfect for curling up with a book), fireplaces at each end of the library (with chairs clustered around them), arched doorways, long wooden tables and the tan and green checked floor.

It didn’t hurt that I visited at sundown, as the setting sun came in through the back windows drenching everything in light. It made photography a little challenging, but I didn’t mind.  

I also loved the community feel of the place–a diverse group of people, young and old, reading, studying, talking quietly, sitting on the steps outside. Upstairs, in the children’s section, some children were singing their ABC song out loud together as they worked on the learning computers.