Welcome to One New Place–the travel blog that documents my mad quest to visit One New Place every day!  I started out planning to do this as a challenge just for 2018–AND I DID!! But when January 1, 2019 rolled around and I sat on my couch in the afternoon with no place I had to go, I couldn’t do it. I had to go out and find another place to explore.  This practice had brought so many benefits and surprises–people, places, adventures–into my life, I couldn’t let it end with just one year.

This isn’t your typical travel blog—the destinations aren’t always Taj Mahal; my travel budget is zero, and I rarely travel overnight. In fact, this travel blog isn’t as much about the destination itself (though I am discovering some pretty cool places!) It’s more about the spirit of travel—the desire to see the moon from the other side, the insatiable curiosity to see what is beyond the closed door, the adrenaline of going beyond your comfort zone into a new neighborhood, the blind adventure of turning right instead of the usual left.

It’s also about resilience, making lemons out of lemonade, and other such clichés. It’s about trusting the road, wherever it takes you. Read my story and follow along–see where this crazy thing takes me and how long I can keep up my streak!

Latest from the Blog

October 30 – Turtle Park (ONP #303)
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Another New Place brought to me by my friend M, who apparently spent the equivalent of years at this neighborhood park and rec center as she raised her children. You might think, from the name, that this is a park … Read More

October 29 – Jesse Reno School (ONP #302)
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Today’s New Place is brought to us by my friend M, one of my favorite fellow explorers and a big fan of ONP. Knowing that I drive through the Tenleytown neighborhood here in DC often on my way back and … Read More

October 28 – Catholic University (ONP #301)
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Spent a little time on this beautiful October afternoon exploring the grounds of Catholic University, which I have driven by umpteen thousand times in the last 13 years. So pretty! Gonna let the pictures do the talking on this one. … Read More

October 27 – Halcyon Arts Lab (ONP #300)
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Does virtual reality count as a New Place?  If so, I went to some pretty far out places today…. At one point I was wandering around in a basement with stone walls and floors, coils of yellow hoses…and no doors! … Read More

October 26 – Belt Rd. NW (ONP #299)
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Today’s New Place is brought to us by the adage to “turn right” (TWICE in fact) off the main road. That got me off the much-frequented Connecticut Avenue and onto the little side street of Belt Rd—almost an alley really—in … Read More

October 25 – Holy Rood Cemetery (ONP #298)
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For a moment there, I thought I might became more than a spectator at this historic Georgetown cemetery when an unleashed Doberman Pincher charged up behind me barking as I was photographing a tombstone. But the offending beast was ultimately … Read More